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General Info

I have reserved a place on the waiting list - what do I do now to get my Schwalbe?

Our waiting list number was given to you in your reservation confirmation and you can make sure this spot is yours by completing one final configuration. As soon as the configurator is enabled, we will notify you by email and you can get started with the custom-design of your Schwalbe. You can find further the details in our Reservation Terms and Conditions.

How do I configure my Schwalbe?

Conveniently and simply from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. As soon as the configurator is online, designing your Schwalbe is fun and easy. Choose between different colours, as well as a range of design and technical features.

What is the estimated cost of my Schwalbe?

Since you can design your Schwalbe exactly the way want, the final price you pay will depend on the configuration and options you choose. But you can enjoy pure driving pleasure for as little as 5,000EUR.

How can I charge my Schwalbe?

It's so easy. You can use any conventional electricity socket. At home, whilst visiting friends, at work or sitting in the café. A 5m charging cable is stowed under the seat, complete with a Schuko plug (with a built-in 1200 W charging unit by BOSCH), just in case.

How much time should I set aside for charging my Schwalbe?

You should plan 4-5 hours to fully charge your Schwalbe. It only takes about 1-2 hours to charge the battery to 50%.

How much does it cost to charge the battery?

Of course the electricity price depends on the utility company and provider. On average, a full battery charge (100 km range) won't cost you any more than a lollypop.

Which countries do you deliver the Schwalbe to?

At the moment, we deliver to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Italy. Other European countries will soon be added to the list.

Where is the Schwalbe manufactured?

In our production plant in Wroclaw/Breslau, in Poland. For years now, Wroclaw has ranked among the Polish cities with the fastest-growing economies. Wroclaw is a dynamic industrial centre and a hotspot for technology companies and start-ups.

How heavy is my Schwalbe?

With one battery fitted, your Schwalbe weighs just 120 kg. With two batteries on board, your Schwalbe weighs in at 138 kg.

Is there any storage space on my Schwalbe?

Under the seat there's not only space for the on-board charging unit and the charging cable, but there's also around 5 L storage space.

Drivetrain & Technology

How fast can I drive my Schwalbe?

As fast as the speed limit allows. As a so-called L1E (50cc engine equivalent) it drives at a fantastic 47 km/h.

How far can I drive my Schwalbe?

With two full batteries, your Schwalbe can be relied on to cover a distance of more than 100 km at a constant speed of 45 km/h. Since city dwellers drive less than 10 km per day on average, you will probably only need to charge it once a week. Only in the case of very low temperatures might your Schwalbe not quite make it this far. In such conditions, the distance is reduced by about 10%.

How is my Schwalbe powered?

Your Schwalbe is powered by Bosch lithium-ion batteries. Permanently installed, with an output of 2.4 kWh per battery. They keep on going, which is just an empty promise from other manufactures.

What tyres are delivered with my Schwalbe?

Because our main focus is on quality and functionality, we have fitted your Schwalbe with a set of Heidenau all-weather tyres. So you can get around safely on your Schwalbe the whole year round.

How much power does my Schwalbe’s motor have?

The motor (a BOSCH 48V eDrive) on your Schwalbe has a continuous output of 4.0 kW and a maximum output of 5.2 kW.

What kind of brakes does my Schwalbe have?

Your Schwalbe is fitted with front and rear wheel disc brakes. You can choose ABS as a configuration option.

Do you have a technical data sheet of my Schwalbe?

Yes, please find the technical data sheet here for download.


Where can I get my Schwalbe repaired?

The one-of-a-kind Schwalbe service is just as modern and innovative as the product itself. We provide nationwide on-site service: In fact, our service team comes to you, at home! Simply contact us and make your personal appointment.

List of public charging stations

Not able to charge your Schwalbe at home? Well, there are many more public charging stations than you might think. Here is a list of websites and apps that you can use for a quick and easy search for a charging station close to you:
SmartTanken: https://www.smarttanken.de/
e-Tankstellen Finder: https://e-tankstellen-finder.com/de/de
ChargeMap: https://de.chargemap.com/
PlugSurfing: https://www.plugsurfing.com/de/

There's a wide range of apps available in the iTunes Store: